Imprinting Tips

Although EARTHSTAMP® is very easy to use, you’ll find that a little practice may be necessary to consistently EARTHSTAMP® quality images. Here are a few tips to aid in Earthstamping beach sand.

Step 1

Keep your EARTHSTAMP® dry. You'll find that sand likes to cling to wet stamps. Although they will imprint when damp just fine, it's somewhat messy when sand sticks to the EARTHSTAMP®. Be sure to wipe off clumps of sand, if any, between uses. We recommend carrying a nylon bristle brush to clean off the stamps when necessary.

Step 2

Earthstamping nature smoothed sand leaves the best imprint. Of course, on a busy beach with lots of footprints, you may have to smooth a place to stamp. Simply turn the EARTHSTAMP® over and drag across the sand at an angle upside down until you smooth out a big enough area.

Step 3

EARTHSTAMP® works with most beach sand. Some beaches contain fine sand and others are more coarse. EARTHSTAMP® works well with either. It works on dry and damp sand, but not wet. Give it the puddle test. If you can bring up moisture by tapping the bottom of your shoe in one place a few times, you'll want to move a little farther away from the surf. That area is too wet and wouldn't imprint very well.

Step 4

Earthstamping is easy but it might take just a little practice first. Be sure to lower the stamp straight down on the sand slowly to avoid marring the spot you want to imprint. Step on the EARTHSTAMP® and using your body weight, walk around the whole stamp. That forces the face of the EARTHSTAMP® into the sand. Then simply grasp the handles and lift straight up very slowly. It's that simple.

Step 5

Depth of the imprint into the sand isn’t as important for good visibility as you might think. EARTHSTAMP® imprints from approximately 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch. Going deeper with an imprint doesn't mean it will be more visible. Have you ever seen a footprint in the sand? The tread design on the bottom of the shoe doesn't imprint very deep, yet it is easily seen.

In designs used for an EARTHSTAMP®, a basic "V" carve is utilized to sculpt the text and symbols. The depth of the "V" depends on the size of the symbol or font. The larger the text, the deeper the text will imprint. When large text or symbols are desired, we design the finish product to be easily seen and yet practical to imprint. For example, if you desire large letter "T" in your design, rather than the whole "T" being imprinted, we would "V" carve just the profile of the letter "T". See our example. As you can see, the arrow with the perimeter "V" carve is seen more easily. It also avoids complications of trying to imprint a large mass into compacted sand.