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In June 2009, EARTHSTAMP® Inc was formed. Our business is to offer a unique earth friendly option in advertising. By using this durable, abrasion resistant rubber stamp, you can imprint your unique custom designed message directly onto the beach sand or even snow. It can be used over and over, season after season, and with proper care, can last many years. The number of messages you imprint is up to you. You could leave hundreds, or even thousands. Unfortunately advertising can sometimes seem a bit distracting and overwhelming, but not EARTHSTAMP®. EARTHSTAMP® leaves an environmentally friendly imprint that can last for hours then naturally disappears. Meanwhile your message will be seen by potential customers up and down the beaches, the golf course, or the ski slopes.. The possibilities are endless. Let us help you create your own custom EARTHSTAMP®.

Our Earthstamp also imprints freshly poured concrete. Use Earthstamp during new construction or remodels. Imprint your logo, message, or design around your place of business, municipal projects, events and promotions, and even at home.

Why the name EARTHSTAMP®?

In today’s world, there is a growing grass roots movement to minimize carbon footprints and human impact on the planet. EARTHSTAMP®leaves nothing behind except an easily seen message in the sand. Over time, with wind, waves, and human traffic, the imprint gradually disappears leaving behind no permanent mark or harmful chemicals. We only rely on the Earth to provide the medium for the EARTHSTAMP®.