Contrary to popular belief, graphic design is not all about artistic skill. A variety of external factors, including everything from personal taste to raw talent, play a big role in how your design will turn out. Recognizing the importance of these outside influences on the success of the design process, we set out to develop a web site chock full of tools that would allow our customers to confidently create their own designs.

While anyone can dabble in the craft, some people are just better at it than others. If you’re one of those less fortunate, not-so-artistic types, not to worry. By following the guidelines we’ve set forth below, and with our assistance, you should have no trouble designing a respectable EARTHSTAMP®, no matter your pre-existing artistic ability.

  1. Choose a shape that fits your design’s intended concept. For example, if you are designing a sign with long rows of text, then opt for a long rectagular EARTHSTAMP® (The Landscape) to accommodate your lettering. Do not attempt to squeeze it all in on a rectangular sign. Doing so will force you to use smaller letters and will result in a lot of wasted space. The same rule of thumb applies if your intended design requires several short rows of text, one on top of the other. In this instance, opt for a Four Corners (square) to fit your lettering.
  2. Don’t get carried away with information overload. Give your potential customers only the details they need and no more. The more you try to squeeze into your design, the more it detracts from the Earthstamp's® effectiveness. General rule of thumb; If it needs to be said, say it; if not, leave it off.
  3. Fill as much of the EARTHSTAMP® as possible. This doesn’t mean you should get carried away and start adding text or graphics every square inch of the design. Fill as much of the space in with your text as you can(remember, large letters can be read from a farther distance) then get creative with the remaining free space to make it as attractive and eye appealing as possible. Shapes and logos work well in these areas.
  4. Text, borders, and shapes, etc, all add their own flavor to your design. The EARTHSTAMP® incorporates a standard border on all their products. Be bold and experiment with different various text, shapes, and logo sizes. The recommended minimum text size is 3/4 inch tall. If text and shapes are too small they may not consistently imprint and be readable. Remember, larger items get noticed first. Avoid using "bold" fonts because text spacing should be maintained to limit sand compacting and sticking to the EARTHSTAMP®. We have the ability to create most any enhancements if you wish to incorporate them into your design, but some text combinations and/or styles just don’t work well in the EARTHSTAMP®. Our design team will work closely with you to ensure your idea will be practical if utilized in the design.
  5. Alignment is extremely important in a design’s overall appeal. We have tools that can center-, left-, or right-align all of your text for you. If the design is meant to be aligned, make sure it is. If not, make it obvious that the design was purposely misaligned. You don’t want your EARTHSTAMP® to appear amateurish. If your design’s elements are not in proper alignment, it will show.
  6. It would help if, in your design, you could include some measurments, for example; How tall do you want the text in inches, spacing, where is your logo to be placed in relation to the text and the border. Try to include as many measurements and details as possible so we can process your layout as accurately as possible. Also, if you prefer a specific text type, consult us first so we may determine if will be compatible with your imprinting medium. It will save time in the end.
  7. Employing multiple Earthstamps in unison can sometimes be utilized. For example, you may want to include prices in your ad. As you well know, prices change. What you can do is include your prices on a separate smaller EARTHSTAMP® that is placed adjacent to your larger EARTHSTAMP® listing your items, a menu for example. That way you only have to upgrade your EARTHSTAMP® listing prices every now and then.
  8. Our final piece of do-it-yourself design advice is to examine other designs. Search for some existing designs you like for inspiration. The internet offers infinite possibilities.
  9. If, having reviewed all these design tips, you are still feeling uncomfortable about the prospect of designing your own sign, you can send your request to While you're in the design process, you're under no obligation to purchase an Earthstamp. Our staff will be happy to work with within your specifications to create a design you will be thrilled with.