Bunkerstamp (TM)

BunkerstampTM is a new and very unique way to send a brand message to your golfers at your next tournament. Simply put, a BunkerstampTM is created in a sand bunker from a mould like the cookie cutter that your grandma used, only much larger. It is made from a durable rubber ma-terial that will allow it to be used over and over for years to come. The process of creating a mould begins with a logo, an idea, or some verbiage being supplied to our design department. Our designers then create computer generated artwork that gives you a very close facsimile of the design that would be generated when the mould is laid in a sand bunker. Upon proof approval by the customer a rubber mould is then created that will produce unbelievable detail when it is placed in a sand bunker.

BunkerstampsTM can be created in any shape and in many sizes, but we recommend that stamps be created in dimensions that are between 6 and 16 square feet for best visibility.

A BunkerstampTM can be used in as many sand bunkers as the golf course or tournament feels will get them the exposure required, and as many times in one bunker as they want. And of course BunkerstampsTM can be stored and used year after year for many years. That makes BunkerstampTM a great long term investment.