Markets today are enduring the most competitive atmosphere in modern times. Cost cutting measures have been implemented and there is a constant effort to lower operating costs. Corporations are looking for an inexpensive and creative means to display their logos and business needs to get their message, product, or service to the public. Earthstamp offers an alternative. With just one Earthstamp, you can imprint your message year after year, or golf tournament sponsors can use their Earthstamp at multiple tournaments. Millions of people visit the coastlines around the world every day and at all times of the year. Think of all the people that attend golf events every year. Earthstamp is a very cost effective means of advertising, leaving your message where it can be seen, right at their feet. The concept of imprinting the sand is simple, creative, and new. Be the first in your area to use one. We guarantee you that your Earthstamp will get noticed and you’ll be pleased with the results.


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