Earthstamp's Online Catalog

Earthstamp StampWelcome to our products catalog. Since all of our products are each custom made, we don’t actually manufacture off the shelf products. But our catalog will provide you with examples of many different sizes and shapes. Using our pricing for the various sized Earthstamps, you can best determine your needs based on your budget.

Strict quality control standards are the cornerstone of our manufacturing philosophy. Earthstamps are made in America and we are dedicated to providing the best quality and value for every product we sell. Each EARTHSTAMP® is made of a durable, abrasion resistant polyurethane rubber material that is practically indestructible. This material is lightweight and flexible, and with machined precision, provides exceptional detail. Sturdy imbedded polypropylene handles aid in imprinting and portability during use.

While EARTHSTAMP® is great for imprinting the sand on the beach or in the bunker, our products also work great for concrete projects and even imprints snow.

Visit our stamp gallery to view pictures and video of our products in use. If you have any questions, please contact your local promotional specialty distributor. Earthstamp Inc is a member of ASI/51221 and PPAI/518245. Our products are sold through promotion specialty distributors.


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