What's in a company name?

Earthstamp StampEARTHSTAMP®. In today's world, there is a growing grass roots movement to minimize carbon footprints and the human impact on the planet. In June 2009, EARTHSTAMP® Inc was formed. Our business is to offer a unique earth friendly option in advertising. By using this durable, abrasion resistant rubber stamp, you can imprint your unique custom designed message into the beach sand. It can be used over and over, season after season, and with proper care, can last many years. The number of messages you imprint is up to you. You could leave hundreds, or even thousands. Unfortunately advertising sometimes can seem a bit distracting and overwhelming, but not EARTHSTAMP®. EARTHSTAMP® leaves a clean, crisp, environmentally friendly imprint that can last for hours then naturally disappears. Meanwhile your message will be seen by potential customers up and down the beaches. The possibilities are endless. Let us help you create your own custom made EARTHSTAMP®.


Markets today are enduring the most competitive atmosphere in modern times. Cost cutting measures have been implemented in most and there is a constant effort to lower operating costs. Businesses today are looking for inexpensive means to get their message, product, or service to the public. One of the major expenses of operating a business is advertising. Let's face it, it's expensive.

Advertising is all around us. Normally placed in strategic areas, signs can be an elaborate work of art. What it says, where and how its displayed says a lot about you and your business. EARTHSTAMP® offers an alternative in advertising. You can use the largest overlooked medium on the planet today. The beach. Millions of people visit the coastline around the world every day and at all times of the year. Place your message where it can be seen, right at their feet.

While this advertising method is new, the art of imprinting is not. We also have vast experience in imprinting concrete. Of course concrete is longer lasting, but the methods, tools, and materials used to imprint sand are very similar. We've created, through extensive research, a long lasting and durable product.

Other Uses

While we are serious about creating the ultimate ad for you, it doesn't mean we don't like to have a little fun too. Imagine surprising your lover with a stroll on the beach only to have them find your proposal imprinted in the sand. Sounds romantic doesn't it? We also create novelty Earthstamps for fun in the sun.